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Secretary Pignato travels to Washington to seek the assistance from private enterprise and members of the United States Congress

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As part of the very tight agenda in the search for funding to rebuild the country after Tropical Depression 12-E, the Secretary for Social Inclusion and First Lady of El Salvador, Vanda Pignato, has traveled Washington, D.C., to meet with entrepreneurs and members of the United States Senate on November 1 and 2, 2011.

"I'm going to do what is necessary for the emergency assistance for El Salvador to be approved as soon as possible," said Secretary Pignato, who was optimistic about her visit, after meeting in New York with the Secretary General of the United Nations (UN), Ban Ki-moon, and former United States President Bill Clinton at the William J. Clinton Foundation last week.

She stated that after meeting with the Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, a UN Senior official’s visit to the country to verify the devastation left by tropical Depression 12-E has already been confirmed.

Also, as a result of the meeting with President Clinton, we have been able to prepare an excellent agenda that this time will take place in the US Capital.

After the major losses and the humanitarian situation that resulted from ten days of rain, the Government has launched an intensive campaign internationally to make the tragedy visible and manage to channel resources for reconstruction.

President Mauricio Funes, assigned Minister of Foreign Affairs Hugo Martinez to take the necessary steps before the governments and Secretary Pignato will continue to work on the search for the required assistance for the rehabilitation phase.

On that regard, the Secretary for Social Inclusion stated that " it is by joining efforts that we will secure the necessary resources for the rehabilitation of El Salvador."

She added that in this new journey, she hopes to get financial, technical, or material support, and is interested in including a gender perspective in the country’s rehabilitation process.

Yesterday, President Funes reported to the international community that the losses and damages caused by rains totaled $840 million, equivalent to 4% of the country´s Gross Domestic Product (GDP), according to a report prepared by the Government jointly with the Economic Commission for Latin America (CEPAL, for its acronym in Spanish). The report notes that the agricultural sector was the most affected by the storms.

President Funes pointed out that the aforementioned report is still preliminary, because thousands of people remain in shelters and some families have just returned to their homes and are beginning to evaluate their losses.

In addition, the Head of State expressed that the impact of the disaster is also measured "in the loss of economic growth that was expected at 2.1% this year and will only reach 1.4%, a decrease of one third of the expected".


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