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Government advocates for prompt solution to conflict between Legislature and Constitutional Chamber

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The Secretary for Strategic Affairs and Minister of Education Ad Honorem, Hato Hasbun, stated today that the Government of President Mauricio Funes is advocating for a prompt solution to the conflict between the Legislative Assembly and the Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice (CSJ, for its initials in Spanish).

"The President has stated quite clearly that this is a political problem and that we must seek a political solution, and he is contributing to finding one," said Secretary Hasbun in a press conference following the presentation of a bill to vote abroad at the Legislative Assembly.

In turn, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hugo Martinez, said that President Funes participated yesterday in a meeting with the diplomatic corps accredited in the country to provide them with more information and to clarify some situations related to the conflict between the branches.

The Foreign Minister added that the government had received "expressions of concern and good wishes to resolve the crisis" from different countries around the world. "We welcome the expressed interest in finding a permanent solution to the situation the country is going through" he declared.

Minister Martinez said that the international community has expressed concern that the situation be resolved as soon as possible and expressed trust in the ability of Salvadorans to resolve this conflict which they consider an internal matter.

He added that the U.S. government has expressed concern that the situation be resolved, as well as their willingness to continue working closely with the country, at the same time he clarified that the position expressed by two senators is not the position of the Administration nor the House of Representatives or the Senate of that country.

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